Pistol 201


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TR_DEADEYE T-Shirt included with training course. Received day of training!

Want to begin to master your pistol skills, WE GOT YOU!


  1. Review the basic firearms safety rules.
  2. Solidify a good master grip from the holster and from the table.
  3. Master your trigger squeeze and learn drills you can do at home in dry fire practice to solidify these skills. 
  4. Stop shooting low left and low right on your targets with our 201 mastery drills. 
  5. Begin engaging multiple targets and learn to shoot a moving target. 
  6. Start the Self-talk principle and learn why it is so important! 
  7. Begin timed drills and learn how they can help you track your improvements. 
  8. Receive a shooting journal to track your progress and a shirt to commemorate the day. 
  9. Get personalized instruction from an overqualified staff of instructors who have only one agenda…. Let the student become the master!

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