Site-Specific Training and Productions

   Training videos need to be more exciting and updated! The places they are filmed in have no resemblance to yours. The validity of the information is poor and the acting is terrible! We’ve all suffered through those annoying videos our jobs require us to take with some talking head in a suit telling us what we need to know. NOT ANYMORE!

   We gather all your training needs presented to us in a free consultation which we will provide. Then we create a site-specific, practical, relevant, scientific, and yet entertaining video to help you reach the goals of your mission. 

Examples Of Training Videos We Provide:

Loss Prevention Tactics, 

Critical Incident Management, 

Active Aggressor Response, 

Situational Awareness, 



OODA Loop,

Major Event Parking and Management!

   With the help of our partner B&E Security Consulting, LLC, we make all this possible! Your team of employees and staff will learn how to create a safe environment and have the most efficient response possible… and actually enjoy learning it! 

TO SET UP A FREE CONSULTATION, CONTACT US AT: or call 1-937-414-1999. 



Timothy Rapp 


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