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  • You want to be a much better shooter, either for self-defense purposes or practical shooting competition goals
  • You want to rapidly improve your reactive shooting skills
  • You want to learn how to practice effectively for continuous improvement
  • You have reached a performance plateau
  • You want a system that is tailored to you
  • You are a law enforcement, military, or civilian trainer and want to improve your program

We offer courses that will help you achieve your goal.


No experience with firearms, we got you! 

  1. Understand the basic firearms safety rules that keep you and others safe.
  2. Learn how to operate your firearm safely by gaining knowledge of the nomenclature of the gun and what the proper functions of each part of the gun are.
  3. Holster and draw the gun safely and see what kind of holsters are necessary for each occasion. 
  4. Learn how to properly conceal your firearm.
  5. Find out which eye dominant you are to ensure proper sight picture and sight alignment.
  6. Establish your master grip to manage recoil and learn to dominate the gun.
  7. See what a proper sight picture and sight alignment look like when using the sights on your gun and how to use a red dot sight if you are choosing to use one. 
  8. Learn drills that help you master your trigger squeeze and why trigger squeeze is so important. 
  9. Get your stance established so you can be balanced and ready when using your gun.
  10.  Learn how your self-talk as you practice will solidify good skills.
  11.  Learn repeatable methods that help you master your handgun skills. 

Want to begin to master your pistol skills, WE GOT YOU!

  1. Review the basic firearms safety rules.
  2. Solidify a good master grip from the holster and from the table.
  3. Master your trigger squeeze and learn drills you can do at home in dry fire practice to solidify these skills. 
  4. Stop shooting low left and low right on your targets with our 201 mastery drills. 
  5. Begin engaging multiple targets and learn to shoot a moving target. 
  6. Start the Self-talk principle and learn why it is so important! 
  7. Begin timed drills and learn how they can help you track your improvements. 
  8. Receive a shooting journal to track your progress and a shirt to commemorate the day. 
  9. Get personalized instruction from an overqualified staff of instructors who have only one agenda…. Let the student become the master!


Shooting accurately enough faster is better than shooting extremely accurate, slow.” Rob Letham (24-time USPSA National Champion, 7-time ISPC World Champion)

  1. Review the firearms safety rules. There’s always time to focus on this!
  2. Fine-tune your trigger squeeze with trigger isolation drills and dot torture drills. Squeeze the trigger without moving the gun. 
  3. Learn to Call your shots and know exactly why you hit or miss. 
  4. In-depth fundamentals training because anyone who is a master at anything has mastered the fundamentals of that discipline. 
  5. DOMINATE the pistol by developing total mastery of recoil control and master grip.  
  6. Stop hesitations! Drive the pistol. Learn to break the shot faster and make the hit by driving the gun to the target and breaking the shot as soon as the proper sight picture and sight alignment are on! 
  7. Reload mastery from slide lock, tactical reloads, and admin reloading when necessary in the proper conditions. 
  8. Learn to shoot under stress with multiple distractions and multiple targets.
  9. Perform timed drills so you can track your improvements!
  10. Gain knowledge of repeatable methods that you can practice at home with dryfire practice that elevates your skill. 
  11. Become proficient in the fastest draw possible under stress. This is a much-overlooked skill. We will test your limits.

Master your skills and remember:


Must have completed the pistol 201 course or provide proof of an equivalent class if taking this course.  

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